About Us

Golden Supreme started in 1988 by 2 engineers manufactures the highest quality Marcel Thermal Curling irons, pressing combs, heating stoves and thermal non electric curling iron accessories. For over 30 years, our high quality and lifetime warranty on the curling irons has made us the over whelming Choice of the Professional Hairdresser. We promote our Golden Supreme products through education and attending major salon trade where we are constantly learning from our salon customers and we design our products for the current styling trends.

Features that give our Thermal Curling Irons worldwide recognition for their exceptional quality:
  1. Tough, Lightweight Construction - for maximum performance, satisfaction, confidence and reliability.
  2. Quality Handles - made of high temperature material.
  3. Smooth Revolving Handles - using Teflon in the handles to reduce friction and maximize turning control and comfort.
  4. Handle Strength - handle will not bend when squeezed together (as other irons)
  5. Supreme heat control - barrel retains temperature for a long period of time.
  6. Barrel Centering - barrel of Curling Iron is centered for maximum performance.
  7. Outstanding Heat Distribution - more even heat distribution in the curling iron due to the ends being closed
  8. Perfect Balance - for even weight distribution and ease of operation
  9. Beautiful Finish - natural color for beauty and easy cleaning available - in Silver or Blackened barrels
  10. Golden Supreme Pressing Combs - are made with solid brass and hard wooden handles available in Smooth Back, Double Press and Temple Combs
Features of our high-quality heating stove
  • Assembled in the USA using a high-quality heating element
  • Available in 120 Volt for the USA and in 220/240 Volt for use in other countries though out the world
  • Available as the Elite Deluxe stove with a temperature control switch or the Elite Custom stove with an on off switch on the cord